Everything You Must Know About Buccal/Cheek Fat Pad Removal Surgery

Do you know cheek fat, or buccal fat, can be found in the cheek? Cheek fat pad removal (ตัดไขมันกระพุ้งแก้ม, which is the term in Thai) has become increasingly common in recent years. However, many Hollywood stars are choosing to get surgery to create permanently contoured and chiselled faces by sharpening the appearance of their cheekbones. You can try several methods to eliminate the excess fat around your cheeks. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about buccal fat surgery.

Things To Know About Buccal Fat Removal

·  Surgery Is The Only Way To Eliminate

Getting a buccal fat removal, also known as a buccal lipectomy, is the only permanent technique to eliminate fat. Without surgery, there is no way to reduce fat deposits in specific face areas. However, being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight might alleviate the problem. With the modern technique of cheek lipectomy, however, the buccal fat pads can be removed easily, without any external incisions on the face, yielding the best results with minimal downtime and recovery.

· Surgeon Use Local Anesthesia

In reality, eliminating excess fat from the buccal area takes very little time and effort. Your surgeon will numb the entire site using a local anaesthetic. Moreover, they make an incision inside the mouth to access the cheek tissues. These incisions help remove the fat pads and subsequently suture them back together.

· Enhancing The Definition Of The V-Line In The Face

Cheek fat pad removal surgery is a standard cosmetic procedure that can dramatically alter your face profile by creating a more attractive V-line. However, in the modern era, every woman cares about her appearance. Thus anyone who could benefit most from a more photogenic face can do this surgery. However, eliminating excess fat from the cheeks significantly impacts how attractive one’s face appears in photographs.

· Produces Long-Lasting Results

When excess fat gets eliminated from the buccal area, it never returns. It may sound like excellent news for those with puffy cheeks, but it plays a significant role in determining who is a good candidate for buccal fat removal. The buccal fat pads are a vital volume source as we age, so eliminating them can make you look worn and older if your face is already thin or doesn’t have much fat.

Wrap Up

If you want to improve the appearance of your face and boost your self-esteem, buccal fat surgery is the best option. So if you have any queries, book an appointment with a certified surgeon near you.

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