David Bolno, Hollywood Music Rep and Philanthropist Discusses the Ups and Downs of Hollywood

Nothing is private when we talk about any entertainer’s life as their fans have all their eyes ready on their favorite artists. To build a very clean and healthy image, the role of a business manager can never be overlooked. Without the contribution of Hollywood music rep and great philanthropist David Bolno, it would not have been easy to maintain the artist’s career at its peak. Bolno takes care of a number of things, like:

  • Negotiations
  • Tax reductions
  • Right investment
  • Taking care of any complex negotiations
  • Handling personal finance

The role of a business manager is never confined to any static spreadsheets or rigid contracts. The story is far ahead. A good business manager is known for the right mentorship and delivering insight to pull the career graph of any artist towards fame and success.

Here, we are discussing an industry whose graph may turn upside down within a day. In such a scenario, Bolno’s guidance assists them in providing them with maximum opportunities while crossing any pitfalls. When we discuss the top business managers, we are talking about things beyond just the limelight.

Plotting Wealth and Fame

You must be dreaming about the lives of those who are rich and popular. You definitely want to live the life they do, but little do you know that maintaining such a lifestyle is really tough. Managing wealth is a challenging task, especially when you have yet to figure out ways to regulate the flow of income. With talent, one can easily become the apple of the eye of mass, but what next? If not handled properly, their fame may come down at the same speed they boosted. A good manager like Bolno knows how the interest of the public shifts from one artist to another. He has the ability to take the temporary fame to a permanent junction. He plans the upcoming future of his clients in a planned way.

David Bolno believes in great financial planning. He starts when the career of his client is at its peak so that the results can be enjoyed in the future. He also encashes his popularity in new ways to accelerate his client’s revenues. Some artists are too particular about their skills and are not ready to invest their talent in any other field. Generally, a music artist can extend his collaboration to include music, merchandise, advertising products, films, and more. His every success is the beginning of a new venture, and Bolno believes in using it in the right way.

Counseling client’s career throughout, not just for fame

A good manager works continuously to deliver mentorship and guidance to his client in all the eras of his life. An artist needs assistance beyond the set boundaries of a business manager, and Bolno does it efficiently.

Shining the career of so many bright stars

David Bolno is known for helping in shaping the careers of many leading musical artists like Will.i.am, Darek, Justin Beiber, Pharrell Williams, and Post Malone, but that doesn’t mean he never helped a newbie. He believes in assisting the newcomers under his mentorship to make success an easy journey for them.

Art of Giving Back

Giving back to those who are in need helps you to do something for the society that made you who you are today. David Bolno believes in it and tries all the possible ways to give back to society.

To sum up

In the entertainment industry, rise and downfall are the two faces of the same coin, and business managers like David Bolno prepare their clients for the same beforehand with the right planning. If you wish to enter the entertainment industry, do not step in without having a business manager like David Bolno.

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