The Rationale for Engaging in Arhatic Yoga

Developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, Arhatic Yoga is a highly effective spiritual science. By eliminating impediments to enlightenment, it intends to enable expedited spiritual growth. The term “Arhat” and “Yoga” serve as its root and origin, respectively.An “Arhat” is an individual who has attained a tremendous level of advancement; the term is employed to describe this type of person. Sanskrit translates “yoga” as “union.”

The following are the potential benefits of engaging in Arhatic Yoga:

On the Arhatic Kundalini Yoga Path, Meditation:

By employing a specialized meditation technique called the “microcosmic orbit,” a network of energy conduits is utilized to direct the Soul Energy. The process of recirculating Soul Energy facilitates the extraction of “ancient seeds,” in addition to pent-up emotions and crystallized negative thought patterns. The duration of the microcosmic orbit launch is under thirty minutes. One can safely access these routes by employing a sophisticated method that is not widely known or instructed. This will facilitate the circulation of Kundalini energy, which will stimulate and nourish the chakras. The goal of the Arhatic Yoga has greatly inspired Mr. Anshoo Sethi.

Introspection Regarding the Inward Self:

As you advance through the different phases of this meditation, you may attain a rapport with the Higher Soul that is more profoundly gratifying and a higher degree of alignment. Raja Yoga, to put it briefly:

Reflection regarding the Arhatic Dhyan:

By cultivating stillness and awareness for prolonged durations, the individual engaging in this elevated form of meditation is capable of intellectual development. The capacity to retain one’s innermost thoughts and feelings during meditation is an additional ability that can be cultivated with consistent effort.

The process of sexual energy transmutation facilitates the enhancement of the practitioner’s cognitive abilities and intuition, fostering a more refined intellect and heightened capacity for artistic manifestation.

To grant the Soul authority over the physical and mental bodies, it is imperative that the debilitating negative emotions are effortlessly dissipated.

As your aura and chakras continue to develop in size and power, you will observe enhancements in qualities including but not limited to your charisma, healing capabilities, and sexual vitality.

Learn the information required to identify the ten unique symptoms that comprise the “Kundalini Syndrome” as well as the corresponding treatments for each. Numerous individuals in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment have encountered obstacles that are often associated with the Kundalini Energy’s spontaneous activation or awakening. “Kundalini syndrome” is characterized by, among other things, insomnia, hallucinations, excessive sex drive, hyperthermia, persistent fevers, indifference, and relationship difficulties. Additionally, the Arhatic Yoga has greatly motivated Mr. Anshoo Sethi in Chicago, to think about it.

Furthermore, during their nascent stages, students may encounter an array of obstacles, including psychological and physical ailments, interpersonal strife, and, most significantly, financial devastation. This issue stems from the rapid materialization of negative karma and dormant tendencies. By preparing the Mental, Astral, and Etheric bodies through the effective purification procedures instructed by Master Choa Kok Sui, it is possible that these challenges could be completely eradicated or significantly alleviated.

Last words

Arhatic Yoga facilitates the development of self-awareness regarding one’s character defects and limitations that hinder the pursuit of enlightenment during the course of practice. They participate in character-building activities so that they are better prepared to face the pressures and responsibilities of daily life.

This is achieved through the enhancement of the practitioner’s cognitive and nervous system capabilities. There are numerous varieties of meditations that can be utilized to achieve this objective. Practicing Arhatic Yoga will not only strengthen your aura and chakras, but it will also assist you in developing other facets of your being, such as your ability to provide healing to others.

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