Future of cannabis consumption- Best weed pens revealed

The cannabis industry is booming thanks to legalization sweeping across innovation and advancement in how we consume weed. While old-school methods like rolling joints or packing bowls will never go out of style, cannabis technology has new possibilities. Vaporizing weed concentrate using portable, discreet devices known as vape pens or weed pens is the most popular modern way to consume. As cannabis acceptance continues to grow, what does the future hold for getting high? Here we reveal the best weed pens leading the way.

Best weed pens of 2024

The weed pen market grows more competitive each year as new innovative brands push boundaries. When searching for the best weed pen, you want quality hardware and cartridges. Reputable weed pen makers include Pax, Stiiizy, PLUGplay, and more. But newer companies have emerged to shake things up. Here are the best weed pens dominating in 2024.

Bloom one premium THC vape pen

Bloom One delivers top-shelf vaping with their premium THC vape pens available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid formulas. Their groundbreaking CCELL 2.0 ceramic coil technology and 300mg Broad Spectrum terpene-rich oil result in massive hits and a purer taste. The draw-activated battery has a rubberized finish for an ultra-luxe feel. Bloom One oils contain a tailored blend of cannabinoids minus the THC for ultimate relaxation without the high.

Kandypens oura vaporizer

This versatile vaporizer from vape innovators KandyPens provides the ultimate weed pen experience. The Oura uses an advanced temperature-controlled induction heating system for precision heating. A glass and ceramic airpath preserves the purity of flavor. The Oura works with both dry herbs and concentrates. Switch between the dual quartz rods or coil-less ceramic dish. KandyPens’crystalline cCell technology prevents burning. The powerful battery churns out enormous rips.

Pulsar flow weed oil vape pen

Featuring a sleek minimalist design, Pulsar Flow sets a new standard for luxury weed pens. This futuristic vape pen delivers smooth pure flavor with innovative EX3 technology and variable voltage from 2.7v to 4.2v. The EX3 Pure Taste ceramic core prevents burning for true strain flavor profiles. Pulsar’s Press & Go connection makes swapping between cartridges a breeze. Charging and threading were engineered for seamless function. Quality craftsmanship meets modern innovation.

Future is formulations

The weed pens themselves provide the vessel, but the key differentiating factor for the future will come down to cartridge formulations. More and more brands now formulate cannabis oil with tailored cannabinoid and terpene profiles to achieve desired effects and flavors.

Variety truly spices up the vaping experience so look for cartridges focused on:

  1. Specific Cannabinoids- THC, CBD, CBN for sleep, CBG for focus
  2. Targeted Terpene Formulas- Energizing, Relaxing, Balance, Anti-Inflammatory
  3. Entourage Effect- Full spectrum oil harnesses the synergy of 100+ compounds in cannabis
  4. Strain-Specific- Cartridges like Blue Dream or Pineapple Express that mimic flower flavors

Dosing goes nano

Lower dosage options will expand as more casual or new consumers try out weed pens. Many vape brands now offer disposable 0.3-gram pens and cartridges in smaller 0.5-ml sizes for micro dosing. Customizable dose controls built into vape batteries allow vapers to fine-tune airflow and heating to deliver smaller puffs. This is appeal to those who want the therapeutic benefits without strong psychoactivity.

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